On November 2, 2018, an international delegation consisted of Mr. Geir Håkon Johansen, first secretary of the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade, Mr. Steinar Bryn, founder of Nansen Dialogue Network, Ms. Ingrid Vik, Scanteam Norway, Ms. Simone Filippini, director of The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy accompanied by NDC Skopje staff visited one of the Nansen model schools, the primary school Bratstvo in the municipality of Karposh, Skopje. The delegation was welcomed by Ms. Jadranka Popovski, principal of PS Bratstvo Skopje, Ms. Marina Hadzipanzova, school pedagogue, Mr. Andrej Manolev, president of the municipal council of Karposh, Ms. Gordana S. Zafirovska, assistant manager of the sector for affairs of public interest in the Municipality of Karposh.

The delegation visited the Nansen classrooms, met with students, teachers and school staff, where they observed the positive transformation of the school facilities and discussed the benefits from the implementation of the Nansen model for intercultural education. Through the testimonials of the teachers and students included in the activities of the Nansen model, the delegation witnessed the key benefits from the implementation of the model in creating an integrated and welcoming school ethos, as well as enabling successful integration of students, teachers, school staff and parents from various ethnic, religious and social backgrounds.

The delegation transferred encouraging and motivational messages and expressed their support and admiration from the activities implemented under NDC Skopje management and supervision.