Celebrating the religious holiday “Kurban Bayram”
(15.11.2010) Due to the Muslim holiday, Kurban Bayram, and for the purpose of getting introduced to the culture, religion and
Humanitarian caravan “Human heart”
(27.11.2010) On 27 November 2010, the students from the project for Integrated and bilingual education have participated in the humanitarian
Presentation of the project in Strumica
(24.09.2010) On 24 September 2010, representatives of NDC Skopje have made a presentation of the project “Integrated and bilingual primary
Fools day
(01.04.2011) On 01.04.2011, the students from both generations have actively participated in the 01st of April parade, organized in the
Day of the tree
(31.03.2011) The students and the employees from IBPS have celebrated the Tree Day for the seventh time, on 31.03.2011, symbolically
Visit to MRTV, ESRA and the Faculty for Drama Arts
(25.03.2011) On 25.03.2011, the students from IDSU have visited several institutions (planned with the program for extracurricular activities), such as:
Lecture on the role of the TV Cameraman
(18.03.2011) On 18.03.2011, the TV Cameraman Jovan Lesanski has held a presentation for the students in IDSU, within the Art
First day of spring
(21.03.2011) On 21.03.2011, the students in second and third grade from IBPS have celebrated the arrival of the first spring
8th of March event in IBPS
(08.03.2011) Due to the International holiday, 08th of March, the students from both generations, through games and songs have expressed
USAID and U.S. Embassy representatives visit the integrated schools
On March 4, 2011 USAID and U.S Embassy representatives visited the integrated schools in Jegunovce. The representatives had the opportunity
New Year’s performance
(28.12.2010) On 28.12.2010, the role play “Romeo and Juliet from our neighborhood” has been held, as a final product of
December – month of cooperation with the parents
During the whole month of December, the parents of the students from IBPS “Fridtjof Nansen” have been actively included in