Marking the feast of Kurban Bairam
(18.10.2010) On 18.11.2010, the students from second and third grade have visited the families Ademi and Rexhepi, due to the celebration of the religious holiday – Kurban Bayram. The purpose of these visits was in
Opening of Integrated Bilingual Primary school in Strumica
On 03.10.2010 in Strumica, the Executive Director of NDC Skopje, Mr. Saso Stojkovski and Mr. Zoran Zaev, Mayor of Strumica have signed an “Agreement for cooperation” for the project “Integrated bilingual primary school” – a
Opening of the first “Integrated bilingual secondary school”
On 01 September, the Vice President of the Government of Republic of Macedonia – Mr. Abdullaqim Ademi, the Minister for Education and Science – Mr. Nikola Todorov and the Ambassador of the Kingdom Norway in
Participation in the event “Open Fun Football Schools”
On 09 and 10.10.2010, the students from both classes from IDSU from the village Preljubiste have participated in the municipal event: “Open Fun Football Schools” in Jegunovce, whose goal is to promote football, sports, the
First parents’ meetings in the school
On 25.10.2010, the first parents’ meetings have been held in the Integrated bilingual secondary school, where the parents have been informed about the Rule of Conduct in the school premises, the timetable, the realization of
Realized two-day training for the teachers
In the period of 24.08-26.08.2010, a three-day training has been realized with the goal of promoting the concept and methodology of the work in integrated bilingual schools. The training has been intended for the teachers
Realized workshops for the future students in IBSS
On 21 and 22.08.2010, two workshops have been realized with the future secondary school students, who will be the first generation of students in IDSU, village Preljubiste. These were the goals of the workshops: –
Realized seminars with the parents of the future secondary school students (07-09.05.2010 and 18-20.06.2010)
Seminars have been realized on the dates mentioned in the title of this text with the parents of the potential students – participants in the project “Integrated bilingual secondary school”, as a first generation. The
Visit of the teaching team from Strumica to the school
(12-15.10.2010) In the period of 12-15.10.2010, the school has hosted the team of teachers from OOU “Marsal Tito” – Strumica; Tena Zafirova and Zumbul Cicek. The goal of the visit was for the teachers to
Participation in an art exibition (20.10.-15.11.2010)
(20.10.2010) All students in second and third grade in IDOU are being actively involved in the art competition titled: “People build peace” organized by NDC Serbia, which has the following goals: – Familiarizing the students